Simon Lizotte

Simon Lizotte

Simon Lizotte is a famous golfer with an indelible mark on the sport. Throughout his career, people have loved him for his unique skills, playing style, and intense passion for the sport. 

His impact on the sport goes far beyond his accomplishments. His passion and dedication have helped elevate disc golf to the next level.

Let’s find out about his contributions to the sport in this article!

Who Is Simon Lizotte Disc Golf?

Who Is Simon Lizotte Disc Golf
Who Is Simon Lizotte Disc Golf?

Simon Lizotte is a professional disc golfer from Bremen, Germany. Born on November 17, 1992, Lizotte turned professional disc golf in 2008 and quickly emerged as one of the sport’s top athletes. 

Known for his long throw and agility, Lizotte has become a fan favorite and an inspiration to aspiring disc golfers.

Lizotte has won many prestigious tournaments and has set many distance records, earning him the nickname “The Wunderkind.”

Lizotte’s contributions have helped popularize and elevate disc golf, inspiring a new generation of players.

Basic Information

  • Born: November 17, 1992 
  • Location: Massachusetts, US
  • Height: 6 ft .07 in 
  • PDGA Number: 8332
  • United States Tour Rank: #5
  • Classification: Pro Disc Golfer
  • PDGA Member: (since) 2005
  • Status: Certified 
  • Membership Status: Current
  • Earnings (throughout career): $249,813.04
  • Career Wins: 77
  • Career Events: 248
  • Current Rating: 1041 +1

Where Is Simon Lizotte From?

Where Is Simon Lizotte From
Where Is Simon Lizotte From?

He is from Bremen, Germany. But now, he has moved to Massachusetts, US, to continue his career.

Simon Lizotte Disc Golf Age

He was born on November 17, 1992. In other words, as of 2023, he is 31 years old. At this age, he is still young compared to other competitors. But his achievements have proven his relentless efforts in the sport.

Who Is Simon Lizotte’s Disc Golf Wife?

The disc golfer’s wife is Natalia Lizotte. The couple’s love story began in 2020 and recently marked their commitment with a private wedding ceremony.

Their wedding took place amidst the peaceful surroundings of Simon’s home in Massachusetts. Embracing the arms of nature, they exchanged vows in an enchanting garden near the forest. 

Surrounded by loved ones, they begin a new chapter of their lives filled with joy. Together, they are the epitome of love based on shared passion.

How Many World Titles Does Simon Lizotte Have?

How Many World Titles Does Simon Lizotte Have
How Many World Titles Does Simon Lizotte Have?

As of May 2023, Simon Lizotte has not won any Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) World Championships. Despite this, he has performed well, taking a 3rd place finish and 5 times in the top 5 after five appearances.

Besides, he also excelled in the PDGA National Tournament, boasting an impressive record of:

  • 4 wins
  • 4 second-place finishes
  • 3 third-place finishes
  • 13 finishes in the top 5 in 21 events

These achievements demonstrate Lizotte’s talent and competitiveness at the highest level of disc golf.

How Much Does Simon Lizotte Make?

How Much Does Simon Lizotte Make
How Much Does Simon Lizotte Make?

Simon Lizotte’s disc golf career earnings amounted to $249,813.04.

In January 2023, Lizotte signed a substantial 10-year sponsorship deal with MVP Discs. This deal is worth more than $1 million per year.

This new sponsorship deal boosts his earnings and shows his earning potential has increased significantly.


How Much Is MVP Paying Simon Lizotte?

MVP Disc Sports is paying Simon Lizotte a guaranteed $10 million over a 10-year contract. 

Also, this contract includes a six-figure signing bonus and an opportunity for Lizotte to earn additional income through disc sales and performance incentives.

Why Is Simon Leaving Discmania?

Simon Lizotte decided to leave Discmania because he expressed his desire to change and start a new beginning. 

Specifically, he mentioned that he was ready to explore new opportunities and embrace a different path in his disc golf career.

How Does Simon Lizotte Throw So Far?

Simon Lizotte can create incredible distance in his throws by maximizing his acceleration and power in the stride phase. Specifically, he uses an initial boost, followed by a final boost at the driving step.

This technique allows him to harness his energy and effectively channel it into the throw. 

Has Simon Lizotte Won A World Championship?

No. Instead, he focuses on national tournaments and the Disc Golf Pro Tour.

How Fast Can Simon Lizotte Throw?

He can throw at speeds up to 144 km/h. His incredible arm speed and technique allow him to generate tremendous power and velocity.

How Much Did Simon Lizotte Win?

Simon Lizotte has amassed 77 disc golf career wins with a gross of $249,813.04.

Is Simon Lizotte A US Citizen?

No, he is not. Although living in the US, he is still a German citizen.

What Putter Is Simon Lizotte Using?

Simon Lizotte has been using MVP Anode putters, especially Electron resins. The MVP Anode is a popular putter choice known for its reliable flight characteristics and comfortable feel. 

Electron resin offers good grip and durability, making it suitable for consistent putt performance in disc golf.

Is Simon Lizotte Going To MVP?

Yes. Simon Lizotte has signed a sponsorship deal with MVP Discs.

Is Simon Leaving Discmania?

Yes. Simon decided to part ways with Discmania and pursue a different sponsorship opportunity with MVP Discs.

Why Did Simon Lizotte Switch To MVP?

Simon Lizotte switched to MVP Discs because of an irresistible offer from them. While he feels at home with Discmania, Lizotte, now thirty years old and married, finds the idea of a fresh start and new opportunities appealing.

What Discs Does Simon Lizotte Throw?

Simon Lizotte throws MVP Anode putters in Electron plastic. He has been using them since his earliest vlog videos and continues to have them in his bag for the 2023 season. 

Also, he mentions that he is throwing better than he has in a while using these discs, indicating his satisfaction with their performance and reliability.


Simon Lizotte has left an indelible mark on the disc golf world. His ability to produce incredible long throws set him apart from his peers.

Simon Lizotte’s journey in disc golf continues to evolve, and his influence is sure to shape the future of the sport. With his talent and spirit, he will continue to inspire and engage disc golf lovers for years.

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