Kristin Tattar

The Rise Of Kristin Tattar: A Look Into Her Disc Golf Journey

Kristin Tattar is an accomplished disc golfer and one of the top international players of the sport. She has represented her native country Estonia in multiple world championships since her debut in 2011. 

Tattar has won multiple significant tournaments with impressive scores in international and domestic games. Are you curious about Kristin Tattar and her career? It’s time to delve into this article and explore everything!

Who Is Kristin Tattar Disc Golf?

Kristin Tattar is a female professional disc golfer. She was born on July 3, 1992, in Parnu, Harjumaa, Estonia. Kristin Tattar is a name that has become synonymous with excellence in disc golf. 

She is among the sport’s most talented players today. Her success on the course has earned her numerous fans worldwide.

In 2015, Tattar debuted on the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) tour, where she quickly made a name for herself. 

Her strong performances caught the attention of many, and she became known for her accuracy and consistency on the course. 

Continue reading to learn more about her basic information and achievements in her career!

Background Information 

  • Born: July 3, 1992
  • Location: Parnu, Harjumaa, Estonia
  • US Tour Rank: #1
  • PDGA#: 73986
  • Member: (since) 2015
  • Official Status: (until December 28, 2024) Certified
  • Membership Status: (until December 31, 2023) Now
  • Rating: 991 +4
  • Wins: 82
  • Events: 146
  • Earnings: (throughout career) $168,931.40
  • Now competing: DGPT Elite+ 2023 Portland Open

Upcoming Events:

Date Event Presented by
June 9 DGPT Silver Zoo Town Open  Ink Realty Group (Powered by Innova)
June 16 DGPT – Dynamic Discs Open
June 23 DGPT – The TruBank Des Moines Challenge Discraft
June 30 DGPT – The Preserve Championship Prodigy
July 13 DGPT – ET#6 – PCS Open 2023 Innova
July 20 European Open 2023
August 10 ET#8 – Alutaguse Open
August 16 2023 European Disc Golf Championship
August 26 Professional Mixed Doubles at 2023 PDGA Pro Worlds
August 30 2023 PDGA Professional Disc Golf World Championships
September 8 DGPT Silver – Discmania Open Discmania
September 14 DGPT Playoffs – MVP Open at Maple Hill

Who Is Kristin Tattar Husband?

Kristin Tattar’s husband is Silver Latt. He is also a professional disc golfer from Estonia. Silver and Kristin have been together for several years and often travel together to compete in disc golf tournaments worldwide. 

They founded DG Academy in November 2017. Their academy provides instructions related to this sport and various training sessions weekly. Moreover, they organize disc golf competitions and events and design many courses.

How Many World Titles Has Kristin Tattar Gained?

Tattar has won multiple World Championships in different divisions over the years. In the Open Women’s division, she won two World Championships in 2019 and 2021. 

She also has two World Championships in the Women’s Masters 40+ division, which she won in 2018 and 2019.mIn addition to her World Championships, Tattar has won multiple other prestigious tournaments, including 

  • The European Championship 
  • The United States Women’s Disc Golf Championship
Kristin Tattar
Basic Information.

Where Does Kristin Tattar Come From?

She was born and raised in Parnu, Harjumaa, Estonia. 

How Old Is Kristin Tattar?

As mentioned earlier, she was born on July 3, 1992. It means that as of this year, 2023, she is 31 years old. 

How Much Has Kristin Tattar Earned?

Kristin Tattar is one of the most successful players in the sport, and she has earned a decent living from her career. 

According to PDGA, Tattar has earned over $500,000 in career earnings as of 2021 by signing a 4-year contract with Latitude 64°.

Also, she has made $168,931.40 in tournament winnings throughout her career.

Career earnings

Kristin Tattar


 Kristin Tattar Yetidiscgolf
Career earnings


Who Is Kristin Tattar’s Spouse?

Her life partner is Silver Latt. She and her husband are the co-founders of DG Academy. This academy organizes several training sessions per week. It also supports disc golf events and course design. 

How Many Majors Has Kristin Tattar Won?

As one of the top female players in the world, Tattar has amassed an impressive collection of titles and victories. During her career, Tattar has won 81 majors. Besides, the number of wins by tour is 12.


What Does Kristin Tattar Use To Putt With?

As shared above, Kristin Tattar is sponsored by Latitude 64, a famous disc golf company known for its innovative products. Kristin’s putter of choice is the Gold-X plastic Latitude 64 Pure and medium plastic Westside Discs Harp.

Gold-X plastic Latitude 64 Pure:

This disc has been designed specifically for putting, and it is one of the most popular putters in the sport. The Pure is a stable putter with a comfortable grip and a smooth release. 

Kristin Tattar, however, takes things a step further by using the Pure in Gold-X plastic. This premium plastic blend is known for its superior grip and durability. 

The Gold-X plastic combines grip and firmness, making it perfect for Kristin Tattar’s putting style.

Medium Plastic Westside Discs Harp:

It is a putter designed to handle a variety of shots, including putting, approach shots, and even drives.

The Harp is a stable disc with a reliable fade at the end of its flight. Kristin Tattar opts for the medium plastic blend known for its durability and grip. 

This plastic blend is also slightly firmer than the other options, providing a consistent feel for Kristin Tattar’s shots.

When Did Kristin Tattar Begin Playing Disc Golf?

In 2014, Kristin began playing this sport, and each year since then, her skills have become better.

What Kind Of Footwear Does Kristin Tattar Use?

Kristin Tattar wears Adidas Terrex Swift R2 GTX shoes while playing this sport. 

These shoes are designed for outdoor activities and provide excellent grip and stability on uneven terrain. 

The Gore-Tex lining in the shoes makes them waterproof and breathable, ensuring that her feet stay dry and comfortable during wet conditions. 

The shoes also have a lightweight and durable construction, vital for disc golfers who need to move quickly and make sudden movements.

Tattar's footwear
Tattar’s footwear.

The Bottom Line

Kristin Tattar is a rising star in the world of disc golf. Her dedication for the game has earned her numerous accolades and a growing fan base. 

She is famous for her accuracy, consistency, and versatility on the course. With her bright future, Kristin Tattar is a player to watch in the coming years. 

Disc golf fans worldwide are excited to see what she will accomplish next!