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James Conrad Disc Golf: The Rise of A Champion

Disc golf has become more and more popular. One name that stands out in the professional disc golf scene is James Conrad Disc Golf

He is known for his unique throwing style and ability to make clutch shots when it counts. Are you curious about this champion? 

Look no further than this post! We will closely examine his career and what makes him stand out as a professional disc golfer.

Let’s scroll down to get into detail!

Who Is James Conrad?

James Conrad is a professional disc golfer. He was born on May 4, 1990, in Blacksburg, Virginia, United States. 

He now plays on the Disc Golf Pro and Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) National Tour. He has been a PDGA member since 2000. He has become a professional disc golfer since 2006. 

He has consistently been among the best players in the world. Additionally, he has accumulated remarkable achievements of professional success.

Informational Background about James Conrad

  • Born: May 4, 1990 
  • Location: Virginia, USA
  • Height: 6 ft 3 in 
  • Weight: 175 lb
  • PDGA Number: 17295
  • United States Tour Rank: #14
  • Classification: Pro Disc Golfer
  • PDGA Member: (since) 2000
  • Status: Certified 
  • Membership Status: Current
  • Earnings (throughout career): $211,630.55
  • Career Wins: 31
  • Career Events: 290
  • Current Rating: 1029 -2
  • Currently Competing: DGPT Silver

Upcoming Events: 

Date Events Presented by
June 1 DGPT Elite+ 2023 Portland Open  Latitude 64
June 9 DGPT Silver Zoo Town Open  Ink Realty Group Driven by Innova
June 23 DGPT – The TruBank Des Moines Challenge Discraft
June 30 DGPT – The Preserve Championship Prodigy
July 13 DGPT – ET#6 – PCS Open 2023 Innova
July 20 European Open 2023
August 3 DGPT – Discraft Ledgestone Open
August 11 DGPT – LWS Open at Idlewild Dynamic Discs and The Nati
August 17 DGPT – Discraft Great Lakes Open
August 25 Jim Palmeri’s 50th AFDO Dynamic Discs
August 30 2023 PDGA Professional Disc Golf World Championships
Basic information.

Who Is the Wife of James Conrad?

Despite his growing fame in the disc golf community, James Conrad has been relatively private about his personal life. 

Conrad has not mentioned any significant other or romantic partner in interviews and social media posts. 

It’s possible that Conrad is in a relationship and has simply chosen to keep it private. That said, there is no evidence that he has got married.

How Many World Championships Has James Conrad Won?

James Conrad has been playing Disc Golf competitively for over a decade now. He has won several competitions. However, he has only achieved two world championships. 

He won the 2019 PDGA World Championships in Peoria, Illinois, in a playoff against Paul McBeth. 

It was a historic win for James Conrad. It made him the first player to win the World Championships on his first attempt.

Besides, he finished in first place in the 2021 Disc Golf Pro Tour Championship. Apart from these world titles, he has many other achievements.

  • 2019 United States Disc Golf Champion
  • 2018 MVP Open at Maple Hill Champion
  • 2018 USDGC runner-up
  • 2017 Idlewild Open Champion
The number of World Championships.
The number of World Championships.

Where Was James Conrad Born?

James Conrad was born and raised in Blacksburg, Virginia, United States. 

How Old Is James Conrad Disc Golf?

James Conrad was born on May 4, 1990. It means that as of 2023, he is 33 years old. Conrad is still relatively young compared to some of his competitors, but he is already well-known in the disc golf scene. 

How Much Money Does James Conrad Earn?

According to the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA), James Conrad has earned $211,630.55 in tournament winnings throughout his career.

It includes winnings from significant tournaments like the United States Disc Golf Championship and the European Open. Conrad is also a sponsored athlete, with deals from companies. 

He is among the top 10 pro disc golfers on the United States Tour, with the highest earnings in 2021. This year, Conrad has earned over $48,200 in winnings.

The number of World Championships.
The number of World Championships.


What Disc Did James Conrad Use For His Throw-In?

He uses an Electron Firm Axiom Envy for his shot. It is a famous putter among disc golfers, known for its straight flight and reliable fade. 

It’s a versatile disc that can be used for both putting and short drives, and it’s available in a range of plastics and firmness levels.

James Conrad’s Envy was made from Electron Firm plastic, a blend of Electron and Proton plastic. This combination gives the disc a more durable feel and a slightly overstable flight path. 

It’s an excellent choice for shots that require accuracy and control, like the one Conrad threw in the final round of the world championships.

The flight ratings of Electron Firm Axiom Envy discs:

  • Glide: 3
  • Speed: 3
  • Fade: 2
  • Turn: 0

Where Does James Conrad Disc Golf Come From?

He is from Blacksburg, Virginia, United States. 

Who Is Sponsoring James Conrad?

Conrad agreed to a 2-year sponsorship contract with MVP Disc Sports in January 2021. It is a leading manufacturer of high-quality disc golf discs, bags, and accessories.

MVP Disc Sports is famous for its innovative designs and high-quality products used by the top players in the world. 

The organization is renowned for encouraging young athletes and assisting them in realizing their full potential.

For James Conrad, the sponsorship deal with MVP Disc Sports represents a significant milestone in his career. 

It provides him with the financial support and resources. So he can continue competing at the highest level and pursue his goal.

As part of the sponsorship deal, Conrad will use MVP Disc Sports’ disc golf discs, including the famous “Atom” and “Volt” models. 

He will promote the company’s products via social media and other channels. It helps raise awareness of the brand and its products among disc golf fans and players.

Who Is James Conrad’s Wife?

It is challenging to find any information about his marital status. He keeps his personal life private. 

It’s possible that James is married and chooses to keep his personal life out of the public eye. 

He could be single and focused solely on his career as a disc golfer. Either way, James Conrad’s marital status remains a mystery.

Which Of James Conrad’s Disc Golf Shots Was The Best?

The throw-in by James Conrad was one of the most incredible shots ever seen in professional disc golf. He made this throw in the final round of the PDGA World Championships in Ogden, Utah. 

People measured the distance of the throw at 247 feet. It is one of the longest throw-ins in disc golf’s history. He made this shot on hole 18, and it helped Conrad secure his first world championship title.

The throw-in was impressive for its distance and accuracy, as it landed perfectly in the basket.

How Far Could James Conrad Throw In?

It’s difficult to determine the exact distance of James Conrad’s throw-in because of the nature of the shot. 

However, based on the course layout and the distance of his initial drive, it’s estimated that the throw-in was around 247 feet. 

This is an impressive distance, especially considering it was a forehand roller, which is a challenging shot to execute accurately.

Frequently asked questions
Frequently asked questions

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, James Conrad is a talented disc golfer who has significantly impacted the sport in just a few short years. 

He has gained the respect and admiration of fellows and fans worldwide thanks to his determination and talent.

Hopefully, our article can help you better understand this professional disc golfer!