How To Throw A Disc Golf

How To Throw A Disc Golf? 2 Helpful Ways To Consider

Disc golf is a fun sport to practice daily. You can get acquainted with this sport by learning how to hit the hole. So how to throw a disc golf? 

If this problem prevents you from becoming an expert in this exciting sport, continue reading the instructions below for details!

I will cover the entire process and the most important techniques when playing disc golf. Even if this is the first time you have been exposed to this sport, by following the instructions below, you can develop further in this area.

Reasons Why The Disc Will Not Fly Straight

What are the reasons why the disc will not fly straight
What are the reasons why the disc will not fly straight.

A common problem is its trajectory, which is more complicated than you might think. Mistakes in the throwing technique lead to this incident. Here are some problems you need to fix if you want to make perfect pitches.

The thrower does not pull the disc in a straight line. And people who have a habit of forehand throwing often make this mistake.

  • The wrong flat-drop technique

Many beginners focus on learning the flat-drop process. Yet, even with this operation, the Earth’s orbit is sometimes skewed. 

Its cause is that the thrower rotates his wrist after release, which flips the disc rapidly. For beginners, keeping the wrist straight after the release is a rather tricky technique to master.

  • Unqualified throwing steps

Professional players must step foot and build momentum to throw discs. Players who skip this step often have poor throw quality. 

In addition to the legs, the shoulder position also needs special attention. To create the most straight flight path for disc golf, you must keep your shoulders straight, always pointing towards the finish line.

  • Choose the correct form and throwing mechanism.

To avoid mistakes during disc golf, you must avoid some throwing form errors.

Some bad habits you must overcome include not running up from the right/left tee pad, shoulders not facing the finish line, or a bent stance.

  • Incorrect disc handling technique

Grip is also essential when throwing disc golf. If your disc handle needs to be tight enough, the disc easily slips out of your hand.

Meanwhile, holding the disc too tight makes you feel uncomfortable, and the wrist is not enough to open the disc.

  • Force

The pressure will keep you from throwing far and having a good throw.

While pulling the disc over your chest, losing your temper will slow the disc to your hand, affecting distance and direction.

Essential Points When Trying To Throw The Disc Straight

Besides avoiding common mistakes, when throwing disc golf, you need to consider some crucial issues below.


Frisbee Golf Disc Disc Golf Frisbee Golf Frolf.

The throwing technique has an important influence on disc trajectory.

In particular, pulling the disc and performing the next moves will directly determine the results you get.

Many beginner players need to be aware of the difference the wrong technique brings. Yet, the incorrect moves cause the disc’s flight path to shift left or right.

One trick you can apply when making a forehand throw is to pull the disc in a straight line to avoid this problem. While performing these operations well many times, following the linear motion, your disc will have a straight flight path.

Pulling the disc back or out will not give you the expected results. When twisting your elbow at the start of the throw, the disc is prone to swerving left/right or slipping out of your hand. 

Incorrectly pulling the disc from the outside skews its trajectory significantly.

Disc height before throwing

Make sure before throwing the disc at the right height.

The disc is a considerable distance or much lower above the chest, making it difficult to throw. The disc can slip out of your hand or take flight.

To keep your discs at the optimal height, bend your elbows at a 90-degree angle when holding the disc.

Adjust your elbows so that the disc is parallel to the ground, which is the ideal height to throw the disc straight forward.

Disc type

There are only a few types available with straight throws
There are only a few types available with straight throws.

The disc type is also an essential factor affecting the discus you throw.

Discs with fades to the left will have low speeds during the final flight. If it affects the trajectory of the flight, try using a low fade or no fade disc.

Or if you still want to stick with your high fade-rated model, release the disc low. 

This technique will keep the disk’s trajectory straight at the end of the flight. However, you will have to sacrifice the distance of the throw.

How To Throw A Disc Golf Driver Straight?

Common ways to throw a disc golf driver
Common ways to throw a disc golf driver.

How to throw disc golf, especially to get the driver straight, is a move that many beginners wonder about. 

Yet, if you choose the right discus throw correctly and keep practicing the perfect discus technique, you will get the results you want.

Currently, most players choose one of the two main types of straight throw: stable disc and unstable disc.

If you want to master one of the two methods above, immediately refer to the instructions below:

By using a stable disc and releasing it flat

For a stable disc and releasing it flat, you can rotate it many times with a high fade. While following this disc style, you will need help creating a flat flight path.

The disk will not follow the expected trajectory but land directly in front of you.

  • To throw correctly with this disc, you first need to check its flight number to consider turn rating and fade rating.
  • The best disc type for straight throw will need a -1 to 0 turn rating with a fade rating of approximately 1.
  • After completing the disc selection step, start throwing a disc golf driver straight with a stable disc and releasing it flat by doing the following:
  • Hold the disc in your hand: Use your thumb and middle finger to grip the disc. For a secure hold, place the middle finger against the inner edge and the thumb on the middle finger. To increase power, put your index finger on your middle finger.
  • Adjust your posture: Feet shoulder width apart, lean slightly to the target side, and bend your knees.
  • Pull the arm away from the target: Pull your forearm back in the most natural position. Your wrist is in a horizontal position for the saucer to fly straight.
  • Release the disc: Swipe your wrist and forearm forward and release the disc when the wrist is facing the target. Try to snap your wrist as fast as possible to let the saucer fly away.

Note: During this process, your hips may rotate slightly, which is not unusual. 

The most important thing you need to pay attention to is how you straighten the disc. Make sure you keep the disc high and low.

By using an understable disc with a hyzer release

An understable disc with a hyzer release is a fair way to throw a straight disc.

  • Similar to the stable disc, the first step you need to take is to check the flight rating and turn rating system. For best results, favor disc models with a turn rating of less than -2.
  • The essential requirement when performing a hyzer flip is to apply force to the disc stroke. So, you will have to pull your arm hard to meet the above condition.
  • If you can’t make a snap the first time, practice throwing hyzer flips continuously and apply the low disc trick.
  • Another technique you can use is to adjust your throw. If the disc rotates too quickly after turning it flat, release the hyzer more. Or you can also replace your old disk with a smaller one.


  • This technique will maximize the power when you need to throw a disc straight for a long distance.
  • You hold to ensure the space is spacious enough to flip the hyzer. Any obstacles related to disc height or obstacles can make it difficult to control the disc’s grounding position.
  • Initially, focus on lowering the drop’s angle and increasing the discus throw’s power.


Professional disc golf players often throw straight discs in two different ways, including stable discus and unstable discus throwing.

Although throwing techniques are different, both methods require players to practice regularly to find the right rhythm for their movements.

Hopefully, the detailed instructions above have helped you understand how to throw a disc golf and conquer this sport quickly.

Thank you for reading!