Disc Golf Courses In Phoenix

Top 10 Best Disc Golf Courses In Phoenix That You’d Love

While traditional golf has become globally famous, disc golf also enjoyed a similar boom. The proof is that the number of disc golf courses is growing rapidly in each state, and Phoenix is no exception.

So, are you looking for an ideal and reliable place to play golf discs? I have a list of the 10 best disc golf courses in Phoenix. Whether you are an advanced player or a beginner, you will find something that works best for you.

The 10 Best Disc Golf Courses In Phoenix

Top 10 best disc golf courses in Phoenix.
Top 10 best disc golf courses in Phoenix.

Here is a list of the 10 best disc golf courses in Phoenix. Let’s check it out!

Buffalo Ridge Park

Buffalo Ridge Park is the ideal course for both advanced players and beginners. It is effortless to navigate but has some challenging holes as well.

The low desert scrub might not be as challenging as some other courses in Phoenix. It has no trees, but many obstacles are present.

I came here on a spring day. Its topography makes this course very interesting. 

It is also relatively compact as you zig-zag forth and back, but you will never feel like you are on a fairway being played by other players. It is the first course where I did not lose a disc because of the vegetation. 

Spinners On the Green

If you’re in the beginning stages of playing disc golf or even an advanced player, this course has something for you! 

The walls here are overflowing with every brand of disc maker and every mold as well. It is safe to say that this place is a disc golfer mecca.

The Spinners course is fantastic! I was impressed by its selection of discs (both used and brand new) and the organization of the store. 

I was also offered gloves and masks upon entry and limited the store capacity because of the current pandemic. I will definitely be a frequent visitor here.

Fountain Hills Disc Golf Course

Fountain Hills Disc Golf Course.
Fountain Hills Disc Golf Course.

This disc golf course is located in the Fountain Hills community. Specifically, it is in Fountain Park and located around a large lake. It also has a fountain in the middle of the lake and hosts a professional disc golf tour.

This course is free to join and is challenging for all levels of players. Apart from the water hazard of the well-placed trees and the lake, the golf disc chains are placed near street car traffic, residential housing, and other park goers (such as joggers, bicyclists, and people walking their dogs). Hence, you must be careful on throwing some discs to avoid hurting anybody or anything.

I found this course to be so fun. The large park is well-maintained and lovely and is one of the most excellent parks I have known.

The locals are friendly. Some people watched me and my friends play with some amusement and weren’t afraid to say “Hello.”

Vista Del Camino Disc Golf Course

It is a challenging and cool course! Some water holes can be challenging and all-around fantastic stores for pros and new players alike. The staff is friendly and can answer disc questions and deliver league info.

The creek that runs through the Vista’s center is pleasing to admire and will be a fun challenge for disc golfers. 

Cyclists, runners, and pedestrians are also obstacles. The only complaint here is that the tee boxes should be clearer on the first few holes to direct players. 

Chumba Discs

Chumba has a great selection of golf discs and very friendly, knowledgeable staff who will help you choose exactly what you want. They deliver various golf discs (both used and new) and many brands apart from just the big names. It is definitely a place I would come back to meet my disc golf needs!

Fountain Park

Fountain Park.
Fountain Park.

This great park has one of the giant fountains that is like a man-made version of the Yellowstone geyser. 

This park is vast, with some gorgeous sculptures and a house of beautiful birds. 

The fountain will look even lovelier at night and rise to 330 ft and over 500 ft on special occasions.

The citizens of Fountain Hills should be proud to have this park with a play area for kids, disc golf, and a large path for walking your dog or taking a stroll.

Red Mountain Park Disc Golf Course North

The park has grass, ramada’s, water fountains, and restrooms. It also has an extremely technical course. But the baskets are placed so far apart. It is okay for big guns but not ideal for beginners! They will end up hating this sport.

Paseo Vista

It is among my favorite parks to come to play disc golf. The park is always well-kept and clean. I prefer a park for kiddos, a dog park, trails, an archery practice area, and a disc golf course. I come here every weekend, there are not many players coming to the parks these days, but it is worth the trip!

Maricopa Meadows

It is a beautiful course with a good layout. It is well-maintained, but I wish there were yardage signs at tee boxes. The water came into play on some holes.

The roads weren’t a big issue. It had a few discs that ended up in the streets, but it was easy to avoid them.  It is also very cart friendly!

Cottonwood Riverfront Park

Riverfront Park is the largest park in Cottonwood. The main area covers five ramadas with a barbecue, picnic tables, two sand volleyball courts, a five-court horseshoe pit, a grassy area for field games, and a giant swing set. 

Other amenities are a skateboard park, a four-field adult softball field complex, an 18-tee disc golf course, and an in-line hockey rink.


Now you have a list of the 10 best disc golf courses in Phoenix. Which one are you interested in? Let us know below in the comments! Thanks for your time!