What Are Disc Golf Basket Dimensions

What Are Disc Golf Basket Dimensions? Get the Facts Here!

What are the dimensions of disc golf baskets regarding the basic and standard types? Who invents disc golf and sets its rules? If you are wondering about these questions, don’t miss out on this informative post. 

I will provide you with everything about disc golf basket dimensions and more helpful information. After reading this post, you can gain more insights into the sport’s rules and accessories. Now, let’s jump straight in to save you time!

Who Invented The Rules In Disc Golf?

The organization standing behind the rules and development of disc golf sport is PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association). It was founded in 1976.

At the moment, the PDGA headquarters is located in Augusta, Georgia. There is also a beautiful golf course in this location that most professional disc golf players have visited. 

All the professional disc golf tournaments across the United States are organized by PDGA. The organization is also responsible for ranking professional players and making competition manuals. 

PDGA holds a vital role in the development and growth of disc golf. The organization provides guides and resources that develop the disc golf courses. 

For these reasons, the gameplay, rules, and regulations relating to the course and equipment are all regulated by PDGA. You can visit the organization’s official website to discover this information and learn more about disc golf. 

Disc Golf Dimensions And Baskets

The dimensions of the disc golf basket combine three main factors: The main basket and the pole, the basket frame, the lower basket, and the chains surrounding this equipment. 

Each of these components features distinct and unique measurements that make up the dimensions of a disc golf basket. They will vary depending on the type of basket, which commonly involves four categories.

There are four primary basket types, which are homemade, basic, championship, and standard. I will discuss the dimensions and specifications of each disc golf basket type in the following sections.

There Are Different Types Of Baskets
There Are Different Types Of Baskets.

Disc Golf Basket Dimensions: Homemade

Many disc golf owners love creating their own disc golf baskets to practice and perfect their skills at home. Depending on your swinging or following the blueprint, the dimensions of the homemade disc golf basket will vary. 

If you want to customize your own disc golf basket, there are some critical roles to note. I will discuss the dimensions of those versions in the next sections, but a 12-inch rim diameter is ideal for leisure playing. 

For users who don’t have a spacious playing ground and just want to have fun playing disc golf, opt for a 12-inch rim diameter. 

Disc Golf Basket Dimensions: Basic

The basic disc golf baskets feature simple design and construction quality, which come in a low to medium price range. There are portable baskets in this category that you can bring along to the courses. 

If you have a spacious place in your home, consider getting a permanent disc golf basket and mounting it in the yard. Nevertheless, the basic disc golf baskets have to follow these size requirements.

The basket’s rim should have 21 1/3 inches in width. Meanwhile, the minimum height of the basket’s chain is 22 inches, counting from the rim downward. 

Meanwhile, the minimum dimensions for the lower basket are 25.7 inches in width and 6.7 inches in height. 

The Lower Basket’s Dimension
The Lower Basket’s Dimension.

Disc Golf Basket Dimensions: Standard

The standard category is one step higher than the basic disc golf baskets. 

These disc golf baskets feature similar sizes and dimensions to the basic products, but there are some minor differences you should note. 

Though the dimensions are the same, a standard disc golf basket typically contains more galvanized chains (more than 18). In addition, the manufacturers use higher-quality and heavier materials for constructing these baskets.  

For this reason, standard disc golf baskets feature significantly higher prices.

If you want more durability and aesthetic aspects, consider choosing a standard product over the basic baskets. 

Disc Golf Basket Dimensions: Champion

Most champion disc golf basket products feature similar dimensions and traits to the basic baskets. However, they come in much higher quality and more premium materials. 

The build quality, details, and design of the champion baskets are significantly more beautiful and sophisticated than the lower categories. These products are also approved by the PDGA and used in professional disc golf tournaments. 

If you want to practice for some professional disc golf tournaments and are planning to get in the professional route, choose the champion basket. Its beautiful appearance and durability are a worthy investment. 

A Permanent Basket
A Permanent Basket.

Disc Golf Baskets And Chains

The dimensions of disc golf baskets are pretty similar in many categories. However, the number of chains will vary to suit different playing styles and purposes of users. 

According to the PDGA, a disc golf basket chain cannot be shorter than 9 inches. The total number of chains surrounding the basket must be higher than 12. 

However, you can customize the chain’s length and number when creating a homemade disc golf basket. However, customized products must follow the rules to become eligible for professional leagues. 

I still recommend you follow the PDGA’s regulations regarding dimensions and chains. Ensure that you use high-quality and premium materials to resemble an authentic playing experience and improve your skills. 

The Basket Chain
The Basket Chain.

Disc Golf Basket Width And Height

Besides the rim’s width and chains, you must consider the disc golf basket’s width and height to determine its dimensions.

According to the rule, the minimum height of the basket measured from the ground is 52 inches. Meanwhile, the lower basket of the item must be 25.7 inches higher than the ground. Regarding the height, you should ensure that the disc golf basket’s width is 21,3 inches.

The lower basket must have a larger width than the upper one, which reaches 25.7 inches in diameter. These width and height regulations imposed by the PDGA must be followed correctly. 

Whether you use homemade, champion, or standard baskets, they must meet all these requirements. It will create an authentic playing experience and help you get used to the approved baskets featured in professional tournaments. 

How To Make A Homemade And Portable Disc Golf Basket?

I have provided you with basic insights into the dimensions and types of disc golf baskets. If you are interested in creating a customized basket to play at home, follow the detailed instructions below. 

Needed Tools

  • Steel bars are used for supporting the chain link and basket. 
  • 4 pieces of flat steel are used as the band for the basket and chain link. 
  • Conduit Bender.
  • A metal conduit.
  • An Enamel fence post (used as the center post of the basket).
  • A coil chain.
  • Two duct clamps. 
  • One hose clamp.
  • Conduit and one allied tube. 
  • A post cap. 
  • A net (you can use a paracord to substitute).  

The exact measurements and materials of these components are up to you to decide. You should calculate the desired dimensions of your basket following the PDGA’s rules to prepare. 

Step 1: Cut And Assemble The Center Post

You can cut the center post in your desired dimensions, but it would be best if you followed the PDGA’s requirements. After deciding on the dimensions, move on to cut and assemble the steel bar, flat steel, and fence post. 

Step 2: Bend And Assemble The Basket Legs

Cut the metal conduit into four equal pieces, then bend the pieces into 90-degree angles using a conduit bender. Ensure that all four pieces fit nicely into the fence post’s bottom.

Step 3: Welde Your Baskets

You will create a chain link and a lower basket to attach to the center post. The flat and round steel bars would be the core materials for these components. 

Step 4: Attach The Chains And Net

You can choose between a hacksaw, a dremel tool, or an angle grinder to cut the chains. The chain’s function is to hold the disc golf disc and make it slide into the lower basket underneath. 

After installing the chain, move on to the basket net. You must surround the lower basket with a net to hold the disc, preventing it from falling onto the ground.

Step 6: Test Your Basket

After finishing your disc golf basket, bring it outside and perform some throws to check its durability. Pay attention to the basket’s ability to catch the discs and their stability. 

The Lower Basket
The Lower Basket.

Final Thoughts

In summary, different types of basket, such as basic, standard, or chapion features have similar dimensions. The basket rim should have 21 ⅓ inches in width, while the basket chain must be 22 inches beneath the rim. 

The core differences between high-quality champion disc golf baskets and lower categories lie in their premium materials and beautiful design. For these reasons, the PDGA has approved and used the champion ones for their tournaments. 

I hope the information and details provided can help you understand more about disc golf basket dimensions. If you want to construct and customize your own accessory, follow the given instruction. I wish you a nice day!