Best Disc Golf Courses In California

8 Best Disc Golf Courses In California To Check In Today

Disc golf is fun. Nothing can beat a course of disc golf with your friends and family at the weekend. You don’t even notice how fast time passes. 

As a disc golf enthusiast, I’ve scoured every corner of California to find the best places to enjoy my game. Here is my list of the 8 best disc golf courses in California. Let’s scroll down and choose your favorite! 

8 Best Disc Golf Courses In California

There are about 300 golf courses in California, offering many options for you. Before heading to the course, please take note of your information about these top places. 

1. DeLaveaga Disc Golf Course

  • Holes: 29 
  • Cost: Free 
  • Parking: $2
  • Located in: Santa Cruz

Let’s start this list with DeLaveaga, where we have the Masters Cup held every year. It is a well-liked course among the locals and is famous among golfers worldwide as one of the most difficult and beautiful courses. 

DeLaveaga has many iconic holes, such as the “Top of the World” raised shot. You can spend hours there to challenge yourself. 

DeLa’s course features both open and closed-in holes. It gives you fantastic chances to practice with several elevation variations to upgrade your skills.  

However, this disc course may be difficult for beginners since the baskets close to the steep drop-offs can greatly punish errant putts. 

DeLaveaga Disc Golf Course
DeLaveaga Disc Golf Course.

2. Golden Gate Park

  • Holes: 18
  • Cost: Free 
  • Parking: Free 
  • Located in: San Francisco 

The course has 18 thickly wooded holes that are entertaining for beginners and tricky for professionals.

To keep the disc in the fairway, you must use precision and control on the course. The game can be harder because of the woody area. 

You may have a wonderful day of disc golf with your pet at this park since, unlike many other courses, Golden Gate Park is cart and dog friendly.

It’s crucial to remember that the course is busy and popular. I have to wait for hours during peak hours to enter the course. 

Golden Gate Park
Golden Gate Park

3. Browns N Bows Disc Golf

  • Holes: 81 
  • Cost: $10 – $15 per person 
  • Parking: Free 
  • Located in: Browns Valley

Although the course isn’t long, the entire facility has the impression of the most stunning, cleanest, and well-maintained city park you can see. 

18 holes make up the layout, which has a 57 par. However, there are additional courses for everyone, from beginners to experts.

Everything in this course sets high standards for facilities in the same category. I love the paths, bridges, and even stairs there. 

This place works as a disc golf and wedding venue simultaneously. But the wedding business dominates, so sometimes you have the disc golf service offered randomly.  

Browns N Bows Disc Golf
Browns N Bows Disc Golf.

4. Perry Outback DGC

  • Holes: 18 
  • Cost: Free 
  • Parking: $6  
  • Located in: Visalia 

Perry Outback is somehow difficult for me, but that makes me want to conquer it and spend my weekends there. 

The course has 18 holes, including both open holes and tight lines. These challenges are helpful in improving my forehand and backhand distance. 

My friends complain about how hard it is to navigate around the course because they can’t find signs for the next tee. I have the same problem, but the UDics app helps me a lot with this task. 

Besides, the grass is longer. You will feel like you must reach the top of the game and control your discs at all costs. Otherwise, you will lose your favorite disc. 

Perry Outback Disc Golf Course
Perry Outback Disc Golf Course.

5. Sky High at Mtn. High North

  • Holes: 27 
  • Cost: $15/27 holes 
  • Parking: N/A 
  • Located in: Llano 

The course is one of the country’s three most picturesque disc golf facilities. Any level of disc golfer may visit this place and have a memorable time. 

On the course, there is a fair balance between tough tosses that are shorter and more open yet longer holes. Even when you and your friends don’t play at the same level, you will find the course interesting to practice with. 

If you want to take a break, go to Hole 22. There is an open cabin nearby to relax and immerse yourself in the natural beauty. 

Everything is excellent except Hole 11, which we often call the “sacrificial ledge.” 

I have thrown my undesired disc over 600 feet down such an incline ski slope many times. 

Sky High at Mtn. High North
Sky High at Mtn. High North.

6. Kings River DGC

  • Holes: 17 
  • Cost: N/A
  • Parking: N/A 
  • Located in: Kingsburg

You won’t go wrong with this course if you are a big fan of the wild. It’s forested with gentle slopes. Sometimes, I even see cows on the land. 

What’s more, you won’t find any restrooms, trash cans, and other facilities in the area. Your game will be more thrilling than ever. 

You can try a wide range of shots here. They can be difficult, but beginners can still gradually handle and improve their skills. 

Kings River uses the Tulare County system. Hence, before entering the course, you will see a box right at the first tee to pay for your game. 

Kings River DGC
Kings River DGC

7. Woodward Legacy DGC

  • Holes: 18 
  • Cost: $0 in January and February (parking fee only in other months) 
  • Parking: $5 
  • Located in: Fresno 

You only need to pay the parking fee. And when you visit this course in January and February, it won’t charge you any cost. 

This hilly area comes with many trees and a lot of par 3 holes. This condition is perfect for novice beginners who can’t reach the distance of par 5. 

If you are a professional player, do not worry about how easy the par 3 is. The elevation change will challenge your skills.

Even in hilly conditions, there are still facilities such as water fountains and restrooms. The course also welcomes pets. 

Woodward Legacy DGC
Woodward Legacy DGC.

8. Westside Park

  • Holes: 9
  • Cost: Free 
  • Parking: $5 
  • Located in: Wasco 

Westside Park has nine holes with long driving holes and some inclination for a trickier game. 

At Woodward Legacy, the basket positions keep changing to add to the enjoyment and keep things exciting.

Moreover, each course features a tee sign that shows off the landscape from above and distance calculations with basket placements.

Nine holes may not be enough for a fun time. So if you finish one round early, you can start another one, and the game will still be exciting. 

However, Westside Park doesn’t only serve as a disc golf course. During weekends, the park gets busy because people go there for picnics or walks.  

Westside Park
Westside Park.


The 8 disc golf courses we mentioned above will give California residents hours of amusement. Look at each course’s pros and cons to know which is the best for you. Don’t forget to check the fee before you go. 

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the disc golf course in the area. 

We are always ready to assist you.

Thank you for reading!