Disc Golf Courses In Chicago

Top 10 Disc Golf Courses In Chicago You Cannot Miss!

Every disc golf player loves accommodating disc golf courses with beautiful natural sceneries and ideal playing conditions. They are not only safe and convenient but also bring your playing experience to the fullest. 

There are many disc golf courses in Chicago, but finding the most excellent spots with reasonable prices takes time and effort. Therefore, I have conducted extensive research to look for the best disc golf courses in the area. 

Top 10 Disc Golf Courses In Chicago

These disc golf courses feature a balance between playing conditions, beauty, and price. However, the requirements and hardness of each playing ground will vary significantly. 

Therefore, please check out the information below carefully to pick the most suitable disc golf course for your needs and preferences. 

Now, let’s jump straight into the list to avoid wasting your time!

#1. Disc Golf Course In 50-Acre Park

Disc Golf Course In 50-Acre Park
Disc Golf Course In 50-Acre Park.
  • Overall Rating: 4,3/5
  • Holes: 18
  • Location: California Ave

This is one of the most nature-friendly disc golf you can find in Chicago. The 50-Acre Park disc golf course is located on South California Ave, with a total length of 7200 feet.

This disc golf course makes you feel like you are playing in the wild with no paths for pedestrians. It may feel uncomfortable at first, but adventurous players will love immersing themselves in this natural design. 

There are up to 18 holes with 9 hole locations spreading throughout the course up and down the hills. However, please note that the course will get a little soggy after the rains, especially in the lower parts. 

#2. The Oaks Course

The Oaks Course
The Oaks Course.
  • Overall Rating: 4.6/5
  • Holes: 27 holes
  • Location: Mokena

Located in Mokena, this popular disc golf course possesses an excellent rating of 4,6/5 from thousands of customers. With up to 27 holes, the players can comfortably look for the ideal spots suitable for different skill levels. 

In addition, each hole of the course comes with 2 tee pads, and eleven out of 27 holes feature the alternate basket for more challenging playing styles. The facilities provided inside the course can fulfill basically all your needs. 

There are restrooms located in the course, where customers can rest and have meals after long playing hours. The Oaks disc golf course also features a small shop where you can purchase all sorts of disc golf items and souvenirs. 

#3. Canyons Disc Golf Course

Canyons Disc Golf Course
Canyons Disc Golf Course.
  • Overall Rating: 4,8/5
  • Holes: 27 holes
  • Location: Dellwood 

As one of the top disc golf courses in Chicago, the Canyons disc golf course possesses gorgeous scenery, a fun course design, and various challenging holes. The field is open and spacious, with a relaxing vibe that you will love. 

There are up to 27 holes, including 9 alternates and 18 regular ones, creating a diversified and accommodating game flow. The elevation changes require players to walk a lot, but it will add more fun to your experience. 

#4. The Palatine Course

The Palatine Course
The Palatine Course.
  • Overall Rating: 4,2
  • Holes: 18
  • Location: Palatine 

I particularly love the vintage view of the natural scenery mixed with the wooden facilities of the Palatine disc golf course. This playing ground is devoted to the beginner looking for entry-level hole spots.

If you come to Palatine disc golf course for the first time, I recommend you prioritize the back nine over the front nine. It consists of more challenges and fun than the front one. 

#5. Disc Golf Course In The Illinois Institute Of Tech

Disc Golf Course In The Illinois Institute Of Tech
Disc Golf Course In The Illinois Institute Of Tech.
  • Overall Rating: 3,5/5
  • Holes: 9 holes
  • Location: Chicago

The Illinois Institute Of Tech disc golf course is a decent playing ground where you can bring in the cart and your dog pet. The course looks less natural than the other sites due to its location, but it’s still a great spot for disc golf. 

There are some holes located near residential houses or buildings, so you should be careful when playing. Invite your friends to this disc golf to get the best playing experience. 

#6. Disc Golf Course In The Foxdale Park

Disc Golf Course In Foxdale Park
Disc Golf Course In Foxdale Park.
  • Overall Rating: 3,4/5
  • Holes: 9
  • Location: Addison

The disc golf course located in Foxdale park is an excellent spot for beginner disc golf players looking for easy holes to improve their skills. There is a water hazard, but most of the holes spread on level terrains. 

The site has recently been renovated with fresh cement tee pads and a more beautiful course layout. There are still shots over the water or in the narrow forest if you prefer a bit more challenging experience. 

#7. The Larry Fink Course

The Infamous Larry Fink Course
The Infamous Larry Fink Course.
  • Overall Rating: 3,6/5
  • Holes: 9 holes
  • Location: Highland Park

The Larry Fink disc golf course is where you can relax and seek fun after tedious working hours. It’s super clean, accommodating, and fun, bringing players an effortless playing time with friends and family members. 

The course is also quiet and not so noisy on the weekend, making it an excellent spot for players preferring quietness and peace. The facilities, like holes or baskets, are a little old, but I guarantee that this site won’t disappoint you. 

#8. Disc Golf Course In The Central Park

The Central Park’s Scenery
The Central Park’s Scenery.
  • Overall Rating: 3,9/5
  • Holes: 9 holes
  • Location: Minneapolis

Central Park’s disc golf course features a perfect setting with many trees and holes spreading over a spacious area. It’s fun, clean, and accommodating, with pretty beautiful landscapes and modern facilities. 

Customers can freely bring in water and a cart for extra comfort. There are also restrooms where you can relax after playing. However, please be careful when playing since this park is open to the public with multiple uses. 

#9. The Disc Golf Course In Community Park West

A Hole Position In The Spot
A Hole Position In The Spot.
  • Overall Rating: 3,7/5
  • Holes: 10 
  • Location: Glenview

You can find this course when visiting the Community Park West, located near the highway. The spot is intended for intermediate to advanced disc golf players with moderate elevation changes and challenging hole locations. 

There’s not much to complain about the site, but you should be careful when walking through the tall, dense, and mosquito-concentrated brush. The wind is pretty strong and may affect your play, but it will make the experience funnier. 

#10. The Disc Golf Course In Katherine Legge Memorial Park

A Shady Hole Position
A Shady Hole Position.
  • Overall Rating: 4,3
  • Holes: 18
  • Location: Hinsdale

The disc golf course inside Katherine Legge Memorial Park is super clean and spacious, with no brush or tall grass. Though it’s a public park with mixed-use, the locations are pretty quiet and accommodating. 

The site is well-maintained and beautiful, with up-to-date tee pads and baskets. It’s also hard to lose the discs, thanks to the minor elevation changes and safe playing grounds. 

Final Thoughts

These disc golf courses in Chicago are the perfect locations to unwind and fulfill your love for disc golf after tedious hours at work. Feel free to bring your friends and family to seek more fun and relaxation in these places. 

Each spot features a unique setup with distinct playing hardness, hole locations, and available services. You can check out more information on their official websites to make the best decision.